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From the simplest repair to large complex commercial installations, Plumb Tomato can always offer the best possible solution.

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It may be a domestic boiler service or the installation of a new heating system, the quality of our workmanship is always as expected.

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A small blockage in a waste pipe or a complex new drainage system required. Our expert engineers are available to help 24/7   

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We specialise in the installation, service and maintenance of all boilers, backed up with our 24/7 call out service   

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We can install and refurbish plant rooms from the most complex pipework and pump systems for a variety of different purposes.

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We cover all types of bathroom design and fitting and installation from compact flats to luxury hotels.

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Our engineers are trained to install the most complex pressurised commercial and domestic heating systems.

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Commercial toilet installations are planned and installed from floor to ceiling and can be used for almost any application.   

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Government Agencies

Many Government agencies around the world are looking to monitor and evaluate their own internal policies and procedures and upskill their staff in order to do so. This combined with addressing the further training needs of staff in order to conduct internal investigations are all part of the services provided by ICPA.

Audits and staff training are principally designed to:


• Evaluate controls that are in place to address child safeguarding risks in order to determine whether or not they are appropriate, effective and operating as planned

• Provide reasonable assurance the organisation is meeting its child safeguarding responsibilities in line with your procedures.

• Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of key processes where weaknesses are noted

• Provide your senior management team with clear, comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation on child safeguarding

• Provide training with the realisation that every investigation is unique, our training covers the main principles and considerations to take into account in carrying out any child protection investigation.

A selection of recent work:


Chiang Mai Government Children’s Home Thailand

Staff training delivered on child safeguarding

British Council India – Bhubaneshwar

Teacher training delivered on child safeguarding

British Council global teacher professional development Child Protection Training

British Embassy Cambodia and Laos PDR, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office ASEAN regional workshop event taking place in Phnom Penh Cambodia

• Project managed and delivered workshop to 100 child protection practitioners from nine different SE Asian and Southern Asian countries.

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Telephone: + 44 (0) 7836697397

Email: info@icpa.co.uk

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